5 steps to selling your first experience 🥳

A small guide for experience providers

Welcome to D3x! 🥳

We want to help you build and grow your experience business and to achieve all your life goals! The fact you are here shows that you are passionate about your business, you are brave to try new things and that you care about your customers' journey. We're very happy to have you here!

Here’s a guide on how to set up your account in a few minutes and start selling your experiences directly to your audience. Let’s get started! 💪

To have a complete akin account you need to edit all of the following points:

1. Login 🔑

Use this link to signup for an account. You will be asked for the name of your business, your email and to create a password. We suggest you to verify your Email address right after you receive the email to ensure everything runs smoothly. 🤓

2. Setup ⚙️

Click on "Inventory" in the menu bar. Click "Experiences" and then "Create Listing" and a popup window will ask you to edit your basic business data. Here you can edit your business details, like your name, Email, and password. Read more about it here.

3.  Listing 🔮 

Here you can enter all the classes, courses, experiences or whatever you have to offer! We will guide you through 7 steps and help you creating your listings. If you don't have a fixed schedule you can list all your offers simultaneously. Once one time slot is taken all the other time slots of different offers will be closed automatically. Read more about it here.

4. Booking engine 🤩

Under "Inventory" you can also find your "Booking Engine". Here you can edit your visible profile. Upload a nice cover photo and edit your business description. Short and sweet. Read more about it here.

5. Enable payouts 💸

Under "Inventory" you can also find "Payouts". Here you can link your Stripe account (or create a new one) or/and your crypto wallet. Stripe takes about 3% commission, crypto payments have about 1% commission. We are working with global payment partners to ensure a secure payment gateway. Read more about it here.

Yippee! 🥳 Once you finished these 5 steps you are ready to go! Earn your way to abundance, you are made for it! 🔮


6. How to make reservations 🔮

There's two ways to make reservations. 

The first one is to automatically receive bookings via your booking engine. In this case the clients make a reservation on their own. 

The second one is to manually add participants. Click here to learn more about how it's done.