How to receive bookings 💫

For experience providers

1. Receive a reservation within your booking engine 🥳

To receive an automated reservation through your customised booking engine all you have to do is to create a listing. Every listing will have a specific URL, which you can customise by clicking on "Inventory" - "Experiences". Select the listing you want to edit and click "Manage".

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 08.48.55

Here you can edit the URL. Select a specific, short description that will show your customers what they are about to book. Click on "Next" to safe your bookings.

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 10.58.01

You can now send this link to all of your friends, family and potential clients. Simply click on the 🔗 Symbol next to the URL and it will be copied. You can send this link via WhatsApp, Email, add it to your Instagram Bio or link it to the "book now" button on your website. 

If you have more than one listing we suggest adding your profiles link to your Instagram Bio, so your customers have a choice of experiences. You can find your profiles URL by clicking on "Booking engine". Here you can also find a QR-Code which will lead people to your booking engine. You can print it on flyers, posters or send it per post to your clients. 

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 08.54.01

2. Manual reservation 🖋

Some clients prefer to make bookings via Email, Phone or personally. In this cases you can manually add participants to a listing. 

Click on "Inventory" and "Calendar" to see all your available spots. Select the one which is requested and click on "Add participant".    

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 11.02.47

Now you'll have to edit the number of participants and how they made their booking. This insight will help you to create the best booking experience for your customers. To go on click "Next". 

In the next step you can enter your client's details like Name, Email address, Phone number and Country. To go on click "Next". 

 The last step is to click "Submit" after you reviewed the summary of your new booking. 

And that's it! You'll see your manually added client in the "Participants" section. Here you can edit or delete it again if necessary.